​M&A: CIO-SP3 SB Prime, LabAnswer, acquired by Accenture

Accenture to Acquire LabAnswer, Expanding Its Life Sciences and Cross-Industry Research and Laboratory Informatics Capabilities – June 1, 2017, BusinessWire

“Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has agreed to acquire LabAnswer, a leading U.S.-based research and laboratory informatics technology consulting firm. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

By combining LabAnswer’s industry knowledge and experience in scientific and laboratory informatics with Accenture’s consulting expertise, industry platforms, innovation capabilities and global scale, the acquisition will enhance Accenture’s ability to apply digital technologies to revolutionize scientific and laboratory processes across a variety of industries.

Following the acquisition, Accenture will establish Accenture Scientific Informatics Services, which will combine the capabilities and resources acquired through LabAnswer with Accenture’s existing R&D informatics capabilities. Leveraging digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, analytics and cloud, in combination with a fundamental redesign of the scientific user experience, Accenture Scientific Informatics Services will help life sciences companies better capture, manage, integrate and analyze complex research data that can lead to the identification of new and more effective treatments for patients…”

G2X TAKE: One of the more specialized prime contract holders on CIO-SP3 SB, this firm known for their research and bioinformatics expertise may not have been purchased for their government work, but we suspect Accenture’s Federal Health group will be happy to add their past performance at MHS, NIH, CDC and FDA, along with a recent key awards, such as a $100M 7year BPA at FDA, a FDA Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) IDIQ and an eLIMS deployment task for US Army Public Health Command. This pickup will only bolster Accenture’s position for Laboratory and bioinformatics work across the Federal health sector as they leverage the expertise the team at LabAnswer maintains. 

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