VA Secretary outlines 13 areas of improvement – sets tone for change to come

Federal News Radio, Shulkin details 13 areas of improvement in his diagnosis of VA, By Nicole Ogrysko, May 31, 2017

“Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin delivered his diagnosis of the department Wednesday. VA’s prognosis? A long road toward recovery.

Shulkin is, after all, a doctor, and he offered a fact-filled assessment on the “State of VA,” outlining 13 areas where the department needs to improve and the legislative and administrative fixes it needs in order to see progress.

Shulkin said he and his team have reviewed 137 different studies on the department from outside sources, as well as the 2016 Commission on Care report and VA’s own internal assessments.

President Donald Trump said veterans reform is one of his top domestic priorities, and he’s reminded Shulkin of the importance of staying transparent as VA begins to make changes.

“It is important that we be open and candid and transparent about where the problems are,” he told reporters May 31. “As a business man, the only way to fix the issues in an organization is if you come out and you talk about what those problems are. As you know I’m…” Купить Мефедрон [Эйфоретик, МЕФ, мяу-мяу] Чинкве-Терре G2X TAKE: VA Secretary Shulkin held a press conference at the White House yesterday as he outlined his agenda. This article above does a good job synopsizing many of the key points made as part of the 41-minute session, though we recommend that anyone focused on VA should watch the full replay in the link provided here, as this speech sets the tone for much of what we will see and hear from VA leadership in the months and years ahead. 

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