MHS GENESIS implementation delayed? Schedule reportedly shifts to the right

Is DoD’s Cerner implementation delayed again?, By ARTHUR ALLEN 05/30/2017, Politico, With help from David Pittman and Darius Tahir

It seems that the Leidos-led implementation of MHS Genesis, the military’s new Cerner-based electronic records system, may have slipped a month or two, though that hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Following a tip, we asked a Pentagon spokesman about the schedule for “go-lives” at the four Pacific Northwest bases that represent the first part of the implementation. Fairchild Air Base went live in February, and the remaining three Northwest bases are on schedule, he told us: Naval Base Oak Harbor in mid-July, Naval Base Bremerton six to eight weeks later, and Madigan Army Medical Center — by far the most complex of the four — six to eight weeks after that. That would mean full implementation of Cerner at the four bases, which the DoD is describing as a key milestone in the five-year project, in October or November. House Appropriations defense construction subcommittee staff were told last month that Madigan’s new EHR would be ready in October…

G2X TAKE: According to this reporting by Politico, it appears the implementation schedule for this massive EHR may be slipping a bit to the right. This could be much to do about nothing, but worth noting and monitoring as a number of programs and initiatives threaten to be impacted by any signifcant change in schedule. 

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