CMS and HHS continue the process of aggressively dismantling Obamacare

Trump’s health chief pushes ‘waivers’ for states from Obamacare rules, as HHS says program in ‘death spiral’, Dan Mangan, CNBC, May 16, 2017

“The U.S. Health and Human Services Department — which oversees the Obamacare law — released a new tool Tuesday to help states seek waivers from certain Obamacare rules, as the department continued the Trump administration’s push to undercut the Affordable Care Act.

The new tool is meant to help states complete applications that could allow them to set up high-risk pools for sicker residents and establish state-operated reinsurance programs.

HHS Secretary Tom Price said the checklist for states seeking waivers could help “provide Americans relief from the damage Obamacare continues to inflict on health insurance markets.”

“The failure of the individual marketplaces under Obamacare is driving insurers out of counties and states at an alarming rate, leaving millions of Americans without choices for affordable health insurance,” Price said…”

G2X TAKE: The press release pushed out yesterday by the HHS Secretary and the CMS Administrator caused quite a stir as they released a new tool designed to help states seek waivers from requirements in the ACA. Irrespective of whether or not congress can get a new healthcare bill passed, the new leadership is moving forward with their agenda.

The article above touches on some of the issues. Included here is a link to the press release out of CMS

This comes on the heels of recent efforts to do away with the federally facilitated Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP).

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