Trump announces five members of the new Opioid Task Force

House names new members of opioid commission, STAT, By ANDREW JOSEPH, MAY 10,

“Two governors, a former congressman in
recovery, and an addiction researcher are set to join New Jersey Governor Chris
Christie on President Trump’s opioid panel.

The White House announced Wednesday that the
president intended to appoint Republican Governor Charlie Baker of
Massachusetts and Democratic Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina to the
Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.

The other new members are Patrick Kennedy, a
former Rhode Island congressman who has spoken of his own addiction issues, and
Bertha Madras, a researcher at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital in

Trump tapped Christie, who has…” G2X TAKE: We don’t highlight the formation of many
white house task forces, but with efforts to combat the Opioid Epidemic serving
as a cornerstone of the new administration priorities and this group being charged
with locating federal funds to help address this health crisis, this group will
and should be on the radar. 

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