DHA/MHS Leaders to increase opportunities for engagement with industry

G2X TAKE: What a difference a week makes as DHA starts to showcase an increased emphasis on engaging with industry and creating a more transparent environment.

Vendors focused on supporting MHS and DHA have to feel good about their situation after this past week’s set activities. This past Sunday evening, DHA posted a rather complete forecast of the remaining FY17 opportunities in advance of the industry day held yesterday. The packed room at Fairview Park Marriott yesterday morning was greeted by Barclay Butler, Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) Head of the Contracting Activity, explaining how important he views the relationship with industry as he detailed some ways he and his team plan to engage with this community moving forward.

The full slide deck and all presentations from the day were posted here, but a few highlights from Barclay’s presentation include:

  • Купить закладку Чистейший Метадон Москва САО A plan for more regular industry days – two per year, DHA wide and the likelihood of multi-day events to given time for both presentations and discussion with PMs/SMEs
  • go site More Opportunity Specific Industry Days (where they make sense)
  • More details on the forecast – Barclay recognized that key details such as likely contract vehicle and probability need to be a part of the forecast to assist with teaming
  • The development of a new Industry Partner Network (IPN) – this is a pathway to help foster and support those firms bringing innovation in support of the DHA mission. More details to be out later this summer.

But the biggest applause he received was when he discussed the move away from LPTA, except where it makes sense

What was clear is that Barclay gets industry needs and much of that can be attributed to his many years working for industry.

Monday’s event follows what was a very well run DoD/VA Industry Interoperability Roundtable event hosted last Thursday. Spearheaded by PO organizer/facilitator Chris Hills, acting on behalf of Dr. Thompson and John Short, with great support and attendance from leaders such as Stacy Cummings, Program Executive Officer for the Defense Healthcare Management Systems (DHMS)Ken Rubin, VHA Director of Standards and Interoperability and Elaine Hunolt, DoD/VA Interoperability leader, this is not the first time this event has been held, but the move to make this a much more interactive forum was very well received.

Many from Industry will remain skeptical until they see the action and follow through over time, but these recent activities are a good step in the right direction. 

What did you think about the industry day? Takeaways? Comment below

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