​Veterans Affairs Leadership warns IT Development Funding to be limited

“From: Deputy Assistant
Secretary for IT Resource Management, Chief Financial Officer (005)

Restrictions on IT Development Funding (VAIQ#7782864)

See List Below

  • 1.OI&T is heading into a challenging budgetary environment with limited discretionary funding available for
    Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 and beyond. Beginning with FY18, development
    funding is expected to be reduced by approximately seventeen percent.
    Additionally sustainment funding will decrease challenging IT Operations and Services (ITOPS) ability to maintain and
    operate software delivered in FY18 and beyond.
  • 2.Given this constrained environment OI&T is restricting development to five specific mission critical systems: (1) Veterans
    Appeals Control and Logistics Systems (VACOLS), (2) Benefits Delivery System (BON), (3)
    Electronic Health Record (EHR), (4) Burial Operations and Support System (BOSS), and (5) any
    development project which anticipates moving into its testing or deployment phase by
    close of FY2017.
  • 3.For projects anticipating moving into the irtesting or deployment phase by
    close of FY17, certification
    will be required by ITOPS indicating they can maintain and operate the project
    once delivered to them; without this certification delivered to the IT
    Programming & Budget Formulation (ITPBF) Service any additional development
    funds needed in FY18 won’t be made available.
  • 4.Any active
    development project that does not comport with the yardsticks expressed above
    will not be funded in FY18. No new development will be funded in the future except to replace legacy systems,reducing development through attrition.”

https://niwekshop.info/936-troitsk-chelyabinskaya-obl.html купить наркотики Мцхета G2X TAKE: While many federal contractors view VA as one of the few target agencies for growth, this memo obtained by G2X highlights the “challenging budgetary environment” VA is facing and the select few areas where new development opportunity exists.

Thank you to the G2X
member who passed this along! This was noted as published on April 12

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