​Opinion: Independent Analysis says Cerner meets VA EHR needs the best

Black Book: Cerner Best Suited to Replace VA’s VistA EHR System, April 17, 2017 by Rajiv Leventhal, Healthcare Informatics

“With the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) intending to replace its antiquated electronic health records (EHR) system with a commercial product, a new Black Book survey has revealed that Cerner would be the health IT vendor best up to the task.

Developed by the VA more than 30 years ago, the Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) currently serves more than 1,200 healthcare sites of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) throughout the U.S. But, VistA is considered outdated and unable to meet with the changing healthcare IT landscape. While VA isn’t expected to announce its official decision until July, Cerner is the vendor candidate best positioned now to deliver on President Donald Trump’s key VA initiatives, according to a new Black Book report.

For the research, Black Book looked at the results of its first quarter 2017 surveys of more than 30,000 inpatient and ambulatory EHR end users and clinical decision support end users. Black Book then examined 24 key performance indicators (KPIs) on five leading EHR vendors—Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech and athenahealth—and how they charted across four of Trump’s VA-related health issues: improve veterans’ health access, satisfaction, veteran engagement and services delivery; solve the opiate crisis; innovate government agencies; and improve government business processes and fiscal performance.

It was Kansas City-based Cerner that topped the list with a mean score of 9.14 of a possible 10.00 across all four initiatives and 24 KPIs, also finishing first in all of the four initiative categories. Coming in next was…”

https://beststuffyou.info/noyabrsk.html G2X TAKE: G2X offers no opinion as to the merit of the analysis, but anytime a group claiming to be an independent third party entity offers their opinion, it is worth a quick read. Whether you are considering priming or partnering, knowing who the players are and understanding even perceived weakness can be valuable as teams continue to form in advance of the much-anticipated July EHR decision. 

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