VA to evaluate “Vista as a service” EHR option

VA mulls cloud-based version of Vista, By Adam Mazmanian, Apr 12, 2017, FCW

“Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has promised a decision by July 1 about whether to retain the agency’s homegrown Vista electronic health record system, or to move to a commercial version.

But VA is also charting a middle ground that would allow it to retain Vista, which is popular among agency physicians and highly rated in surveys, but outsource the work of maintaining the code while negotiating the knotty problems of keeping multiple versions of the software working harmoniously.

Call it Vista as a service.

In an April 12 request for information, the VA is asking vendors for their ideas on providing a cloud-based commercialized form of Vista to the agency on a software-as-a-service basis.

The idea is to…”

click G2X TAKE: This article does a good job breaking down the recent market research activity conducted by VA leadership as they weigh their options in advance of their self-imposed July 1st EHR decision deadline.

Teaming discussions are known to be actively taking place across the sector, though few decisions will be finalized until additional guidance is provided by VA. If your firm can add value, waiting until the decision is made before beginning teaming discussions may be too late, as we expect the core teams to form very quickly.  

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