USA Today – New VA Chief on public scrutiny: Bring it

Exclusive: New VA chief on public scrutiny: Bring it, Donovan, USA TODAY Published April 12, 2017

“WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs has a new message on public scrutiny: Bring it on.

President Trump’s pick to lead the agency, VA Secretary David Shulkin, is unveiling a new web site that reveals for the first time exactly how care at VA hospitals compares with nearby private-sector hospitals and national averages. The site has data for roughly 20 hospitals but more will be added soon, the VA says.

The site that went live Wednesday,, also shows if veterans are satisfied with wait times at every hospital and clinic across the country and how long they are actually waiting on average.

Shulkin, the only holdover from the Obama administration in Trump’s Cabinet, told USA TODAY that he believes transparency is a critical step toward fixing the beleaguered VA, something he said he conveyed to Trump.

“He doesn’t understand why people are waiting this long, and he wants to fix it. My answer to him is, the way that you fix this is not by internally motivating people to fix it — you actually need the external environment, people looking, saying I don’t understand why it’s 45 days,” he said…” G2X TAKE: This USA Today article out this morning highlights new efforts by VA leadership to increase transparency as a means to not only shows results but to drive action. Shulkin goes on to reveal how this tactic has benefited him in previous leadership roles. Business development leaders will want to keep an eye on this new approach to shine a light on hot-button issues as opportunities to help address identified needs and challenges are likely to arise.  

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