VA Prepares for Organization Shift – adds new Chief Experience Officer

How Trump’s management order gives VA ‘air cover’, By Adam Mazmanian, Apr 05, 2017, FCW

“The Department of Veterans Affairs is planning big organizational changes under President Donald Trump’s executive order on reforming the executive branch, according to a senior official.

“We were given a gift by the executive order,” Scott Blackburn, VA’s acting deputy secretary, said at ACT-IAC’s April 5 conference on customer experience. “The order gives us the air cover we need to do a lot of the changes we wanted to do.”

“We’re driving the organization to think differently internally about what are the redundant organizations that we can streamline,” Blackburn said, “but also externally — how can we better serve veterans; what businesses should we be in and not be in?”

The deadline for agencies to…”

G2X TAKE: Following the announcement made by VA on Tuesday they had added a new Veteran’s Experience lead, the VA’s #2 in command detailed how ripe the environment is for change given the “air cover” being provided by the new administration.

The article does a good job synopsizing some of the top items discussed at this week’s ACT-IAC event focused on Customer Experience, to include leveraging the executive order focused on reorganization, the hunt for a new VA Digital Service lead and Blackburn’s perspective on customer experience. Worth the 3-5 minute read time. 

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