DOD reveals a bit more about Cerner implementation timeline

DOD reveals Cerner implementation timeline, Written by Jessica Kim Cohen | April 04, 2017, Becker’s

“During a Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing on March 29, the U.S. Department of Defense presented an updated timeline for its Cerner implementation rollout….”

“3. The first wave of facilities to receive MHS Genesis began on Feb. 7 in the Pacific Northwest, when the DOD implemented MHS Genesis at Fairchild Air Force Base outside Spokane, Wash.

4. The next three implementation sites will be Naval Hospital Oak Harbor, Naval Hospital Bremerton and Madigan Army Medical Center outside Lakewood, all located in Washington state. This MHS Genesis roll out will begin at the end of fiscal year 2017.

5. From there, deployment will proceed with 23 waves across three continental U.S. regions and two regions overseas through 2022. The typical wave will include…”

G2X TAKE: Not a lot new here, but this article does highlight some of the key takeaways from last week’s hearing on the defense health program budget for fiscal year 2018, with a focus on the “wave model” and planned upcoming MHS GENESIS implementation sites.

Firms focused on Military Health have told us they care greatly about the planned locations as it allows them to anticipate and try and get in front of needs before they arise. 

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