jacksonville jaguars withstand buffalo bills comeback

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That Steve Waugh took so long to score a Test ton is largely irrelevant to the current state of affairs, for one important reason and that is his position in the team. Waugh’s bowling was a large part of what he brought to his Test game, batting at 6 as a 20 year old and he was only one of three young players (with McDermott older by months Reid by a couple of years) in an otherwise more experienced team. His twin, Mark, had to wait a further 5 years for his Test debut and that was at Steve’s expense, so there definitely was no policy of just picking a young team and letting them mature together. Taylor too waited till 24. Then, as now, one young all rounder with batting potential at 6 and a couple of young pace bowlers is enough youth for one team. Even then, Reid McDermott probably suffered shortened careers because of their early debuts. Today we seek to protect the young pacemen but let the learner plated batting hang out to dry in a manner of which Border’s team never did. One poor series in India with a young team inexperienced in their very trying conditions and according to some the whole world has fallen in! Get real. A lot of commentators/reporters were calling for Ponting’s head for years and now lament his retirement! Everyone needs to settle down a bit, have some patience in the rebuilding team and wait for them to learn the ropes. As Waugh said it took him 26 tests to score a ton. At this rate we drop our batsmen after a couple of tests for not scoring one. Crikey!

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